Zenfolio | Hung Tran Photography | Wildlife

1) American Avocet.2) Flock of Dowitchers.3) Wading Dowitcher.4) American Avocet flying over the bullweeds.5) American Avocet photographed with a borrowed Canon 5D MkII.6) Sora Rail in the shade.7) Osprey.8) Osprey diving for a trout.9) Osprey flying off with a trout.10) Osprey shaking off the water.11) Backlit Osprey with a catch.12) American Avocet.13) Black Crowned Night Heron.14) Say's Phoebe.15) Allens Hummingbird.16) American Kesterl.17) American Widgeon in flight.18) American Avocet.19) Flock of American Avocets.20) Baby American Avocet.