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1) Grandpa Ted throwing the football around.2) Parade of colorful gift bags. Taken at Lynn's 1st birthday.3) Madison the Ladybug with a funny expression.4) Carly and Emi.5) Watching the pinatta game at Lynn's 1st birthday party.6) Brian at one of our NYMC roomate get togethers.7) Emi snuggling into Carly's shoulder.8) Dat at Howie's baby shower.9) Sandy's childhood friend, Janet.10) Sandy's sister, Janet waiting for the birth of Ethan.11) Kathy holding little Ethan.12) Kimmy taking pictures.13) Sandy and Kaitlyn.14) My cousin Bic and Madison.15) Bic, Madison and Ketih playing on the grass.16) Closeup of Madison.17) Madison.18) Madison's cute frown.19) Keith, Madison and Bic posing on their bed.20) Madison the Ladybug munching on her shoe.