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1) Anthias. Aquarium of the Pacific.2) Siamese Betta.3) Algae Eater.4) My 55 gallon planted tank 11-18-08.5) Harlequin Rasboras.6) School of Harlequin Rasboras.7) Jellyfish. Aquarium of the Pacific.8) Killifish.9) Sand Tiger Shark. Aquarium of the Pacific.10) Pineapple Lyretail Swordtails.11) Pineapple Lyretail Swordtails 2.12) Fancy Fantail Guppy.13) Glowing red Jellyfish. Aquarium of the Pacific.14) Zebra Anglefish.15) Orange Sailfin Molly.16) Red-lined Torpedo Barb.17) My 55 gallon planted tank 12-24-09.18) Pink Danio swimming at the surface.19) School Tiger Barbs, Runny Nosed Tetras and a Torpedo Barb.20) Bubbletip coral. Taken with my old canon point & shoot.